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© 2020 Saskia Salamon

Abstract Painter

Saskia Salamon moved​​ ​to Berl​in ​in ​2008. She has always had ​a​ love for big cities ​and is enthusiastic about cultural differences because it influences her creativity in a positive and exciting way. ​

She studied ​M​anagement​, however, ​quickly discovered her passion for painting. She has taught herself to paint and tries ​new things in every ​piece of art. She ​uses​ lot​s​ of color​ ​and paints without using a brush.​

Expressing her inner feelings through abstract color art feels like the right way to her. Stimulat​ing reflection​s​ and ​encouraging ​self-interpretation​​ ​is her main vision​. „​Feelings can not be put into words“, says Saskia Salamon. ​This is the reason why she is not naming her paintings.​

​Her ​paintings are not only ​popular in Germany​ -​ ​t​he US​, China as well as Portugal​ already ​showed interest in her art.


24.06.-30.07.2017 Bahnhofshalle Fürstenberg

04.08.-30.09.2017 Diderot Kulturcafé Berlin

10.01.-17.02.2018 Art Stalker Gallery Berlin

09.03.-11.03.2018 Artbox New York

04.08.-17.08.2018 Colorida Art Gallery Lisboa

15.11.-15.01.2019 Zenith Art Gallery Miami USA

22.03.-26.03.2019 Harbour Art Fair Hong Kong